Haisla Bereavement Fund

Haisla Nation Council (HNC) has offered Bereavement Funds to registered Haisla members and families over the past 15+ years during the loss of their loved ones/family members. The fund is intended to assist and supplement costs that are incurred by the family to lay their loved one to rest in the manner the family chooses to do so. The bereavement fund is currently $6.500. Costs to have a loved one transported from the place of death to their home of final resting place will be covered directly by HNC via a transportation fund to be paid upon submission of invoice.

Any member applying for this fund must fill out an application form, available through the HNC Indian Registry Administrator (IRA). The IRA can be reached by calling HNC’s offices at 250-639-9361 extension 101, or e-mail Hannibal@haisla.ca.

Documentation will be required to access the funds, including documents verifying the person requesting the funds is the person in charge of handling funeral expenses. To receive the fund, the family member of the deceased or next of kin must complete a document verifying receipt, and intent, of the funds. The person receiving the funds must ensure the death certificate is submitted to the Indian Registry Administrator within 10-days for the file to be considered complete.

Haisla Nation Council will not be responsible for any miscommunication or disagreement among the family or next of kin.

Contact the Indian Registry Administrator with any more questions you may have.

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