Culture and Language

The goals of the Culture and Language department are to:

-Work with our elders, knowledge keepers and hereditary leaders to support and build up our cultural strengths.

-Strengthen our community's knowledge and use of our language and culture through community and educational opportunities.

-Promote cross-cultural awareness in mainstream educational programs and institutions.

The Haisla Culture and Language department is comprised of the following roles: Culture and Language Manager, Community Culture Coordinator, Culture and Language Education Coordinator, Culture and Language Revitalization Coordinator, Fluent Language Speaker/Teacher, Language Researcher/Instructor and a Haisla Culture Camp Administrator.

x̄á’islak̓ala website

This website provides x̄á’isla language content and tools for our gúkʷelut (fellow villagers) to follow along with and learn. From news, to resources, to videos, there is a little something for everyone on their language journey! Interested in learning more? Click on the following link to check our: x̄á’islak̓ala website!

Haisla Talking Dictionary

A helpful resource for our gúkʷelut (fellow villagers) and those who wish to learn more about x̄á’islak̓ala. The Haisla Talking Dictionary offers sound files collected from Rapid Word Collection Workshops. To learn more follow the link to the Haisla Talking Dictionary.

The Blanket Exercise and Saksiwa:

Haisla Culture Camp

The Haisla Culture Camp is an annual camp that is geared towards our Haisla youth, offering our Cultural teachings, sharing our Nuyem, our Language, and having fun while doing so!

Our staff are dedicated and love being a part of the camp. We get to make connections and witness youth learn and discover new things with many stepping out of their comfort zone in the process.

Our goal is to inspire our youth with our Cultural to see them thrive for years to come.

Check out a video regarding the Haisla Culture Camp: KVES HNC Culture Camp.

Regalia, what is it and what does it represent?

Interested in learning about our regalia? Watch the following video to learn more: KVES HNC Regalia

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