Lands and Resources

The Haisla people have been connected with the land for thousands of years and are the stewards of their entire territory. The Haisla Nation has direct control over 18 Indian Reserves voted on by the membership in 2014. Land Management involves the day-to-day administration of reserve lands and resources and the right to legislate in respect of those lands and resources. The Lands department, in collaboration with Environment and Fisheries, ensure our aboriginal rights, including title, to the entire territory as evidenced by their traditional ownership and jurisdiction in the wawais system, is protected when working with projects within our territory. The Lands Department manages all the land use zoning and tenures on all Indian Reserves and works with the Economic Development for fee simple and lease lands. The department negotiates agreements leading to shared land and resource use decisions between Haisla Nation and the province of British Columbia for the rest of the territory. The Lands department also consults with BC Government regulatory agencies on permit applications in our territory for project proponents

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