Fisheries & Harbour Authority

The aquatic values of the Haisla remain as important today as they have for generations. Both freshwater and marine resources have contributed to the prosperity, health and community well-being of the Haisla for thousands of years. The Haisla Fisheries Commission (HFC) was formed in 1993, with core funding from the Government of Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), for the “co-management” of aquatic resources. Since that time, the HFC has expanded its role to include the management of the Haisla Harbour and HNC fleet of vessels, area parks and conservancies, economic development portfolios for commercial fisheries expansion, training and capacity development, capital projects (harbour and marine), environmental monitoring and consulting, watershed restoration, marine use planning, government and industry referral processing, community food-fish programs and youth programs.

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