Haisla Minors Trust

There are currently two institutions that hold Haisla Minors Trust Funds:

• CIBC Indigenous Trust, CIBC Indigenous Banking. CIBC holds the minors trust funds for disbursements up to 2012.
• RBC Wealth Management, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada. RBC holds the minor trust funds for disbursements from 2013 and onwards.

NOTE: It is important that members ensure their updated contact information is submitted to one or both of the following contacts (depending on when the minor was born):

CIBC Trustee: meghan.shannon@cibc.com (Phone: 604-679-7939)
RBC Royal Trust: jacquline.hui@rbc.com
or brittanee.laverdure@rbc.com (Phone: 1-833-499-5473)

To help clarify the different requirements of CIBC and RBC the following Frequently Asked Questions document has been created for membership.

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