Summer Heat: Keeping Children Safe While in Your Care

From the HNC Education Department:

As summer approaches, we want to pass on to our community members the valuable information highlighted in the following bulletin provided to us by Northern Health.

The summer months bring opportunities for outdoor activities and social gatherings, but it's also important to stay informed about health and safety measures. Northern Health has emphasized several key points to ensure everyone enjoys a safe and healthy summer.

By following these guidelines, we can all look forward to a summer filled with joy, relaxation, and good health.

You can view the bulletin here: Summer Heat: Keeping children safe while in your care

The Haisla Education department is thrilled to announce the upcoming Kitimat Community Services Society Literacy Kitimat Storywalk event!

What is a Storywalk?

A Storywalk involves a self-guided journey through story boards that allow participants to read a selected book while relishing the outdoors. It's a wonderful opportunity for families to stroll, read, and enjoy the experience together.

This year's featured novel is “Oolichan Moon” by Samantha Beynon, illustrated by Lucy Trimble, portraying the tale of two Nisga’a sisters.

The Storywalk will be available for approximately two weeks outside the Haisla Youth Centre building within their enclosed park, starting the week of June 17th.

We kindly request the community's support in ensuring that the story boards remain intact for everyone to appreciate.

In the past year, two Storywalks were organized, one at Centennial Park and the other in the green space near Tamitik in Kitimat.

We are delighted to host the "Oolichan Moon" Storywalk this year and hope you are able to take a stroll and have a read!

The photo below is an example of a story board. Multiple story boards make up a storywalk.

🌟 Attention Haisla Nation Members! 🌟

The Haisla Nation Council is committed to enhancing our housing programs and services for both on-reserve and off-reserve members. To better understand and address the housing needs of our community, we need your input!

We invite you to participate in our Housing Survey. Haisla members who complete section 1 of the survey will be entered into a draw for a $250 gift card.

Your feedback is essential in helping us improve and tailor our housing services to meet the needs of all Haisla Nation members. By taking a few minutes to complete this survey, you will contribute significantly to the future of housing for our community.

📝 Click Here to Take the Survey:

Thank you for your time and support. Together, we can make a difference!

Haisla Nation Council has established a Membership Committee.

The Committee will be holding a first round of Membership engagement sessions and the topic will be our Haisla Membership Code.

Since the 1987 Membership Law came into force, the Haisla Nation has continued to grow and evolve, and issues related to membership have come up that are not addressed by the 1987 Membership Law. In addition, the 1987 Membership Law is based on the Indigenous Services Canada template, which is insufficient in capturing the Haisla Nation’s approach to determining and administering membership.

We are seeking Haisla members’ feedback and input that will guide this decision-making process.

We encourage our membership to attend one of the meetings noted on the poster.

Additional details to follow regarding confirmed venues which will be added to the JUNE calendar.

Were you in the Indian Boarding Homes Program between September 1, 1951, and June 30, 1992, OR, if your placement in the Indian Boarding Homes Program was after June 30, 1992, was Canada responsible for the placement?

You may be eligible for Compensation

The Indian Boarding Homes Program, established by the Government of Canada, placed children from First Nations and Inuit communities with private families for the purpose of attending school.

The Indian Boarding Homes Class Action Settlement provides compensation to people who were placed in these homes by the Government of Canada.

Individuals placed in these private homes who are no longer living are eligible for compensation if they died on or after July 24, 2016. Representatives of deceased individuals may claim compensation on their behalf.

Placements for the purpose of attending post-secondary education (college or university) are not part of the Settlement and are not eligible for compensation.

You can:

1. Make a Claim for Compensation

If you were in the Indian Boarding Homes Program, you can make a claim for compensation. You must complete a claim form and send it to the Claims Administrator by the Claims Deadline of Monday, February 22, 2027.

Claim forms are available on the Class Action Website or by contacting Class Counsel.


2. Opt-Out of the Class Action

If you do not want to participate in the Settlement, you must complete and submit an Opt-Out Form by Monday, July 22, 2024. By opting out, you will maintain your right to independently sue Canada for harms you suffered in the Indian Boarding Homes Program, but you will not be able to claim compensation under the Settlement. To obtain an Opt-Out Form, please visit the Class Action Website or contact Class Counsel.

How to get more information

To obtain details of the Settlement, the Claim Forms and the Opt-Out Form:

· Go to the Indian Boarding Home Class Action Website:


· Contact the Claims Administrator:

· Phone Number: 1-888-499-1144

· Email:

· Contact Quebec Subclass Counsel (Quebec only):

· Dionne Schulze s.e.n.c.

· Mailing Address: 507 Place d’Armes, Suite 502 Montreal, QC H2Y 2W8

· Phone Number: 1-888-232-3778

· Email:

· Website:

· Contact Class Counsel (All Other Provinces & Territories):

· Klein Lawyers LLP

· Mailing Address: 1385 W 8th Avenue #400 Vancouver, BC V6H 3V9

· Phone Number: 1-604-874-7171

· Email:

· Website:

If you know others who were in the Indian Boarding Homes Program, please share this information with them or share the following website via this link: class action website


We invite you to participate in a survey to help shape the future of our Culture and Language programs/services, and the possibility of a new cultural building.

Your input is vital in preserving and promoting our heritage.

This is a chance for Haisla Members to share your thoughts and ideas on what matters most to our community.

Let's work together to build a stronger, more vibrant Haisla Nation! To participate in the survey click here: HAISLA CULTURAL BUILDING SURVEY

Any questions regarding the content of this survey can be directed to:

Nancy Nyce, Culture & Language Revitalization Coordinator, or 250-632-6151 ext. 231

Angie Silvestre, Culture & Language Manager, asilvestre@haisla.caor 250-632-6151 ext. 228

We value your feedback! If you're currently receiving support, or have received support in the past, from the Haisla Employment & Training Department, we invite you to participate in our satisfaction survey. Your input will help us enhance our services to better meet your needs.

To participate click here: STUDENT SATISFACTION SURVEY

Your responses will help us understand your experience with:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Living Allowance
  • Tutoring Expense Coverage
  • Psychological Educational Assessment Coverage
  • Graduation Incentives
  • Academic Incentives
  • Academic Advising Services

Your feedback matters! Let's work together to improve and support your educational journey.

From the Culture & Language department:


A film crew will be in our community this weekend taking footage of the Haisla Days events.

Please see attached notice with full details: Notice to Membership_Film Crew in Community.

Questions regarding this notice can be directed to Angie Silvestre, Culture & Language Manager via email:

Thank you.

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