Lands Department
The Haisla Nation Lands Departments oversees all Haisla reserve lands. The department aims to ensure the safety of our members and the development of reserve lands in a way that meets the needs and desires of Haisla Members, now and for generations to come

Haisla Nation Land Code
The Haisla Nation Land Code is a comprehensive law that gives control of reserve lands to the Haisla Nation Council (HNC). With the Land Code in place, we can pass our own laws to govern our  reserve lands. Haisla Members passed the Land Code in November 2015 and HNCl is in the beginning stages of implementing the Code and creating laws.

The Haisla Lands Department works closely with a Lands Advisory Committee (LAC), which was created under the Haisla Land Code. The LAC helps support the ongoing implementation of the Land Code, and makes recommendations to HNC based upon the best practices from First Nations across Canada.

Download the Haisla Nation Land Code here.

Dangerous Wildlife Law
The Dangerous Wildlife Law oversees the management of wildlife that threatens member safety and property. This is the first and only law HNC has passed to date.

In most cases, members will have the chance to give feedback on laws before they are passed. However, in the interest of public safety, HNC passed the Dangerous Wildlife Law through a Band Council Resolution in October 2018.

Download a copy of the Dangerous Wildlife Law here.

Any questions or feedback, contact:
Assistant Lands Administrator Brent Robinson
250.639.936 Ext. 142