Grade 12 Completion Incentive

Grade 12 Graduation Completion Incentive Form

Grade 12 Graduation Completion Incentive


To be eligible for the $300 Grade 12 Graduation Completion Incentive, Haisla students must complete and submit their application form, ensuring to include the following with your application:

➢ An official transcript from the school you are graduating from. The cost for the transcript will be reimbursed if a receipt is submitted.

➢ A letter from the school to confirm the student has graduated.

➢ Students must have an overall average of C or better.

Applications and supporting documents must be received within three months of graduation, or the graduate will not be considered for the incentive.

➢ Applications will be processed within 21 working days upon receipt of submission.

Note: The Graduation Celebration Allowance can be issued before graduation, however, the Graduation Completion Incentive is processed after graduation.  

To download a printable form please click here: Graduation Completion Incentive form.  Ensure your printed form is completed and emailed to


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