As representatives of the Haisla people, the Haisla Nation Council (HNC) provides municipal services and local delivery of social, educational and developmental programs. With economic development, we have been able to redirect additional funding into our social services and our nation’s infrastructure.

To reach any person at the departments below, please refer to our Contact page.

Social Assistance: In order to ensure the care of all Haisla members, HNC coordinates the basic needs of Haisla’s interactions with Aboriginal Affairs Northern Development Canada. In home care is available for elders and those in need.

Public Works: To ensure the smooth operation of Kitamaat Villages, HNC supervises the water system, waste disposal and snow removal.

Community Development: To guarantee the safety of those living in Kitamaat Village, HNC operates the fire/emergency response, housing, and capital infrastructure departments.

Haisla Fisheries & Harbour Authority: The aquatic values of the Haisla remain as important today as they have for generations. Both freshwater and marine resources have contributed to the prosperity, health and community well-being of the Haisla for thousands of years. The Haisla Fisheries Commission (HFC) was formed in 1993, with core funding from the Government of Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), for the “co-management” of aquatic resources. Since that time, the HFC has expanded its role to include the management of the Haisla Harbour and HNC fleet of vessels, area parks and conservancies, economic development portfolios for commercial fisheries expansion, training and capacity development, capital projects (harbour and marine), environmental monitoring and consulting, watershed restoration, marine use planning, government and industry referral processing, community food-fish programs and youth programs.

Lands and Resources: The Haisla people have been connected with the land for thousands of years, and are the stewards of their entire territory. The Haisla Nation has direct control over 18 Indian Reserves and have aboriginal rights, including title, to the entire territory as evidenced by their traditional ownership and jurisdiction in the wawais system. The Lands and Resources Department manages all the land use zoning and tenures on all the Indian Reserves, fee simple, and lease lands. It negotiates agreements leading to shared land and resource use decisions between Haisla Nation and the province of British Columbia in the rest of the territory. It also deals with land and resource use consultations from government agencies and project proponents.

Health: HNC promotes the health of the Haisla community. Within the Kitamaat Village Clinic, Health Manager, Community Health Nurse, Community Health Representatives, Home & Community Health Nurse, Patient Care Aides, Patient Travel Clerk, Youth and Family coordinator, Youth Coaches, Elder Care Coordinator, Fitness and Recreation Coordinator, Recreation Attendants etc. are available to ensure the continued health of all Haisla members.  By providing health information such as diabetes education, offering youth and family services, and supplying elder care, the Health Department provides the tools for a healthy nation.

The core Health programs include: General Health Care; Home & Community Care; Chronic Disease and Prevention; Patient Travel; Aboriginal Head Start; Community Mental Health; Youth & Family Services; Youth Coaching; Fitness & Recreation; Elder Care; Dietitian; and Good Food Box.

Education: To educate our future leaders at all ages, HNC created and runs the C’imo’ca Headstart Childcare Centre and the community school. Haisla members planning on a post-secondary education can apply for sponsorships offered by the Education Department.

Administration: HNC facilitates the administrative tasks such as the Indian Registry, status cards, records of births and deaths, and transfers in and out of Haisla.