Haisla Nation Council operating hours

All Haisla Nation Council offices are open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, and closed for lunch between 12 pm and 1 pm.

Haisla Recreation Centre:

Monday-Friday: 8am to 11pm
Saturday: 4pm to 11pm
Sunday: 9am to 11pm

Lunch-time workouts at 12 noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Gas Bar

Mondays to Fridays: 8:30 am to 7 pm
Saturdays: 8:30 am to 4pm.
Closed on Sundays & Statutory Holidays
Closed from 12 pm to 1 pm for lunch

Phone: 250-632-3015 (non-emergency line)

Haisla Nation directory

500 Gitksan Ave. Haisla PO Box 1101
Kitamaat Village BC CAN
V0T 2B0 TEL. 250.639.9361
FAX. 250. 632.2840
TOLL FREE: 1-888-842-4752 (1-888-8HAISLA)

Interim Chief Administrative Officer
Lucille Harms
E-mail, extension 144

Chief Executive Officer
Jason Majore
E-mail, extension 122

Trish Grant
Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer
E-mail, extension 104

Carolyn Ringham
Executive Assistant to Chief Councillor
E-mail, extension 110

Teena Grant
Executive assistant to Deputy Chief Councillor, Clerk to Council
E-mail, extension 205

Sarah Artis
Interim Communications Coordinator
E-mail, Tel: 250.615.0425

Economic Development

Tony Brady
Director of Economic Development
E-mail, extension 120

Kim Robinson
Program Manager of Economic Development
E-mail, extension 130

Corrina Wilson
Executive Assistant to Director of Economic Development
E-mail, extension 125

Human Resources

Stephanie McClure
Human Resource Manager
E-mail, extension 204

Elaine Maitland
Indian Registry Administrator
E-mail, extension 101

Merle Hudson
Administrative Assistant to Human Resources
E-mail, extension 114

Social Development

Rhonda Schulmeister
Social Development Worker
E-mail, extension 102

Louise Charles
Social Assistance In-take Worker
E-mail, extension 103


Doris Fraser, CPA, CMA
Finance Manager
E-mail, extension 112

Ada Ringham
Financial Clerk
E-mail, extension 137

Conrad Wilson
Finance Assistant
E-mail, extension 119

Deb Grant
Assisstant Comptroller
E-mail, extension 202

Eliza Bolton
Payroll Clerk/Bookkeeper
E-mail, extension 116

Lily Wilson
Accounts Payable Clerk
E-mail, extension 113

Stacey Smith
Accounting Clerk
E-mail, extension 118


Teresa Windsor
Community Cultural Coordinator
E-mail, extension 144
Cellphone: 250-639-7044

Albert Morrison-Hayward
Archives Assistant
E-mail, extension 144

Administration Staff

Sue Smith
Events Coordinator
E-mail, extension 106

Coral-Lee Gaucher
Document Control Clerk
E-Mail, extension 217

E-mail, extension 0

Eliza Bisshopp
Administrative Assistant/Haisla Youth Fund Coordinator
E-mail, extension 109

Information Technology

Trevor Woods
Computer Technician
E-mail, extension 206

Office number: 250-632-6151
Fax: 250-632-6973

606 Mountainview Square,

Kitimat, BC

For Haisla-members seeking employment, please visit the Job Bank.

You can also visit the Capacity Development page for information about employment readiness, other job listings, and more.

Kailee Gardiner
Education & Employment Manager
250-632-6151 Ext. 211

Marlayna Amos (covering Kierra Stevens maternity leave)
Administrative Assistant
250-632-6151 Ext. 201

Deanna Gray
Capacity Assistant
250-632-6151 Ext. 202

Kimberley McKenzie
Administrative Liaison
250-632-6151 Ext. 203

Shannon Hall
Post-Secondary Coordinator
250-632-6151 Ext. 206

Paula Smith
Work Placement Coordinator
250-632-6151 Ext. 204

Geri Budden
Job Coach
250-632-6151 Ext. 209

Tara Paul
250-632-6151 Job Coach
Ext. 210

Active Measures
Active Measures Classroom
250-632-6151 Ext. 225

Liz Robinson
Active Measures Coordinator
250-632-6151 Ext. 223
or 250-639-5984

Cecil Paul Jr.
Active Measures Assistant
250-632-6151 Ext. 224
or 250-639-7128

Culture & Language
Minnie Rosso
Curriculum Developer
250-632-6151 Ext. 220

Vera Wilson
Culture & Language Teacher
250-632-6151 Ext. 221

Teresa Windsor
Community Cultural Coordinator
250-632-6151 Ext. 218

Dustin Gaucher
Cultural Assistant
Cell: 250-639-5270

Shelley Bolton
Cultural Camp Administrator
250-632-6151 Ext. 219

Ab Morrison-Hayward
Archive Assistant
250-632-6151 Ext. 229

Class Room
250-632-6151 Ext. 230

Haisla Driving School
250-632-6151 Ext. 212

Angie Campbell
Driving School Administrator
250-632-6151 Ext. 217

Bert Robinson
Driving School Instructor
250-632-6151 Ext. 214

Antonio Tavares
Driving School Instructor
250-632-6151 Ext. 213

Community Development and Public Works

250-639-9361, or 1-888-842-4752

Sherry Smith
Program Manager
communitydevelopment@haisla.ca, extension 215

Kirsten Ryan
Community Development Administrative Assistant
KRyan@haisla.ca, extension 135

Andy Bolton
Public Works Supervisor
Extension 210

Colin Light
Clerk of the Works
clerk.of.the.works@haisla.ca, extension 211

Elaine Stewart
Community Development Coordinator
EStewart@haisla.ca, extension 214

230 Kitlope Avenue, PO Box 1101

Kitamaat Village, BC CAN
V0T 2B0 TEL. 250.639.9361

FAX. 250. 632.2840
TOLL FREE: 1-888-842-4752 (1-888-8HAISLA)


Mike Jacobs
Fisheries Manager
fisheries@haisla.ca, extension 213

Brenda Bouzane
Office Manager
Fisheries & Harbour Operations
b.bouzane@haisla.ca, extension 207

Trevor Amos
Haisla Harbour Authority
harbour@haisla.ca, extension 107

Lands & Environment

Tracey Ross
Lands Manager
traceyross@haisla.ca, extension 362

Candice Wilson
Environmental Manager
CaWilson@haisla.ca, extension 121

Chris Wilson
Environmental Steward and GIS
cwilson@haisla.ca, extension 212

Brent Robinson
Assistant Lands Administrator
brentrobinson@haisla.ca, extension 142

Howard Vroon
Natural Resources (NRS) Haisla Environmental Liaison
hvroon@haisla.ca, Extension 146

Kim Vroon
Bear Aware & Recycling Coordinator
kvroon@haisla.ca, Extension 203

Patient Travel Emergency Cell Phone (Available after 4pm, and weekends): 250-639-6695
Patient Travel fax: 250-632-3637

351 Haisla Ave.
Haisla PO Box 1041
Kitamaat Village BC CAN
V0T 2B0
TEL. 250-639-9361
DIRECT: 250-632-3600
FAX. 250-632-3686
TOLL FREE: 1-888-842-4752 (1-888-8HAISLA

Eric Bottah
Health Manager
health_manager@haisla.ca, extension 303

Lucille Harms
Home Care Coordinator
lharms@haisla.ca, extension 308

Health Administrative Assistant
health_admin@haisla.ca, extension 301

Anita Grant, Rose Bolton
Patient Care Aides
health@haisla.ca, extension 306 (302 for Anita Grant)

Dolores Pollard
Youth & Family Services Coordinator
dpollard@haisla.ca, extension 304

Laurel deGoeij
RN Diabetes & Heart Health Nurse
laurel@haisla.ca, extension 305

Michelle Cross
Patient Travel Clerk
patienttravel@haisla.ca, extension 307

Annie Morgan
Patient Travel Clerk
patienttravel@haisla.ca, extension 315

Marilyn Furlan
Elders Coordinator
elderscentre@haisla.ca, extension 309/409

Belva Wilson
Community Support Worker
belva@haisla.ca, extension 305
Direct Line: 250-632-3600
Cell Number for Elders: 250-639-6833

Patient Travel fax: 250-632-3637
Patient Travel Emergency Cell Phone: 250-639-6695

c’imo’ca Head Start Program:
FAX: 250-639-2287

Angie Maitland
ECE Coordinator
ece.coordinator@haisla.ca, extension 351

Tawnia Carrier
Childhood Educator
ece.assist@haisla.ca, extension 355

Hansen Jaime
Early Childhood Educator
ece.assist@haisla.ca, extension 355

Haisla Youth Program

Ehryn Bolton
Youth Coach
youthprogram@haisla.ca, extension 361

Cassidi Bolton
Youth Coach
youth@haisla.ca, extension 360


1534 Jesse Street

Haisla PO Box 1120
Kitamaat Village BC CAN
V0T 2B0

TEL. 250.632.5011
FAX. 250. 632.3773


Phone: 250-632-3301

Adrian Mercer
Fitness and Recreation Centre Coordinator
amercer@haisla.ca, extension 365

Patricia Bolton
250-639-9361, extension 301


Phone: 250-632-3966