Haisla Nation Council operating hours

All Haisla Nation Council offices are open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, and closed for lunch between 12 pm and 1 pm.

Haisla Recreation Centre:

Monday-Friday: 8am to 11pm
Saturday: 4pm to 11pm
Sunday: 9am to 11pm

Lunch-time workouts at 12 noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Gas Bar

Mondays to Fridays: 8 am to 7 pm
Weekends: 8 am to 4 pm
Closed for statutory holidays

Gas Bar closes 12 pm to 1 pm for lunch, except on Thursdays and Fridays

Phone: 250-632-3015 (non-emergency line)

Haisla Nation directory

500 Gitksan Ave. Haisla PO Box 1101
Kitamaat Village BC CAN
V0T 2B0 TEL. 250.639.9361
FAX. 250. 632.2840
TOLL FREE: 1-888-842-4752 (1-888-8HAISLA)

Chief Executive Officer
Jason Majore
E-mail, extension 122

Trish Grant
Executive Assistant – Chief Executive Officer
E-mail, extension 104

Carolyn Ringham
Executive Assistant to Chief Councillor
E-mail, extension 110

Teena Grant
Executive assistant to Deputy Chief Councillor, Clerk to Council
E-mail, extension 205

Economic Development

Tony Brady
Director of Economic Development
E-mail, extension 120

Kim Stewart
Program Manager of Economic Development
E-mail, extension 109

Corrina Wilson
Executive Assistant to Tony Brady
E-mail, extension 125

Human Resources

Stephanie McClure
Human Resource Manager
E-mail, extension 204

Elaine Maitland
Indian Registry Administrator
E-mail, extension 101

Merle Hudson
Administrative Assistant to Human Resources
E-mail, extension 114

Social Development

Rhonda Schulmeister
Social Development Worker
E-mail, extension 102

Louise Charles
Social Assistance In-take Worker
E-mail, extension 103


Doris Fraser, CPA, CMA
Finance Manager
E-mail, extension 112

Ada Ringham
Financial Clerk
E-mail, extension 137

Deb Grant
Assisstant Comptroller
E-mail, extension 202

Eliza Bolton
Payroll Clerk/Bookkeeper
E-mail, extension 116

Lily Wilson
Accounts Payable Clerk
E-mail, extension 113

Stacey Smith
Accounting Clerk
E-mail, extension 118


Teresa Windsor
Community Cultural Coordinator
E-mail, extension 144
Cellphone: 250-639-7044

Albert Morrison-Hayward
Archives Assistant
E-mail, extension 144

Administration Staff

Sue Smith
Events Coordinator
E-mail, extension 106

Coral-Lee Gaucher
Document Control Clerk
E-Mail, extension 217

E-mail, extension 0

Eliza Bisshopp
Administrative Assistant/Haisla Youth Fund Coordinator
E-mail, extension 109

Information Technology

Trevor Woods
Computer Technician
E-mail, extension 206

Office number: 778-649-2025, or (toll-free) 1-877-809-8098
Fax: 250-632-5069

606 Mountainview Square,

Kitimat, BC

For Haisla-members seeking employment, please visit the Job Bank.

You can also visit the Capacity Development page for information about employment readiness, other job listings, and more.

Kailee Gardiner
Education & Employment Manager
Ext. 6008

Kierra Stevens
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 6001

Grace Moore
Capacity Assistant
Ext. 6002

Kimberley McKenzie
Administrative Liaison
Ext. 6003

Shannon Hall
Post-Secondary Coordinator
Ext. 6016

Paula Smith
Work Placement Coordinator
Ext. 6005

Geri Budden
Job Coach
Ext. 6006

Tara Paul
Job Coach
Ext. 6004

Deanna Gray
Working Warriors Administrator
Ext. 6018

Liz Robinson
Active Measures Coordinator
Ext. 6014

Cecil Paul Jr.
Active Measures Assistant
Ext. 6017

Minnie Rosso
Curriculum Developer
Ext. 6027

Vera Wilson
Culture & Language Teacher
Ext. 6024

Teresa Windsor
Community Cultural Coordinator
Ext. 6025

Ab Morrison-Hayward
Archive Assistant
Ext. 6026

Angie Campbell
Driving School Administrator
Ext. 6023

Bert Robinson
Driving School Instructor
Ext. 6022

Haisla Driving School
Bert Robinson – E-mail, extension 6022
Antonio Tavares – E-mail, extension 6023

Community Development and Public Works

250-639-9361, or 1-888-842-4752

Sherry Smith
Program Manager
communitydevelopment@haisla.ca, extension 215

Kirsten Ryan
Community Development Administrative Assistant
KRyan@haisla.ca, extension 135

Andy Bolton
Public Works Supervisor
Extension 210

Colin Light
Clerk of the Works
clerk.of.the.works@haisla.ca, extension 211

Elaine Stewart
Community Development Coordinator
EStewart@haisla.ca, extension 214

230 Kitlope Avenue, PO Box 1101

Kitamaat Village, BC CAN
V0T 2B0 TEL. 250.639.9361

FAX. 250. 632.2840
TOLL FREE: 1-888-842-4752 (1-888-8HAISLA)


Mike Jacobs
Fisheries Manager
fisheries@haisla.ca, extension 213

Brenda Bouzane
Haisla Fisheries Admin Tech
b.bouzane@haisla.ca, extension 207

Trevor Amos
Haisla Harbour Authority
harbour@haisla.ca, extension 107

Lands & Environment

Tracey Ross
Lands Manager
traceyross@haisla.ca, extension 362

Candice Wilson
Environmental Manager
CaWilson@haisla.ca, extension 121

Chris Wilson
Environmental Steward and GIS
cwilson@haisla.ca, extension 212

Brent Robinson
Assistant Lands Administrator
brentrobinson@haisla.ca, extension 142

Howard Vroon
Natural Resources (NRS) Haisla Environmental Liaison
hvroon@haisla.ca, Extension 146

Patient Travel Emergency Cell Phone (Available after 4pm, and weekends): 250-639-6695
Patient Travel fax: 250-632-3637

351 Haisla Ave.
Haisla PO Box 1041
Kitamaat Village BC CAN
V0T 2B0
TEL. 250-639-9361
DIRECT: 250-632-3600
FAX. 250-632-3686
TOLL FREE: 1-888-842-4752 (1-888-8HAISLA

Eric Bottah
Health Manager
health_manager@haisla.ca, extension 303

Health Administrative Assistant
health_admin@haisla.ca, extension 301

Anita Grant, Rose Bolton
Patient Care Aides
health@haisla.ca, extension 306 (302 for Anita Grant)

Dolores Pollard
Youth & Family Services Coordinator
dpollard@haisla.ca, extension 304

Laurel deGoeij
RN Diabetes & Heart Health Nurse
laurel@haisla.ca, extension 305

Michelle Cross
Patient Travel Clerk
patienttravel@haisla.ca, extension 307

Annie Morgan
Patient Travel Clerk
patienttravel@haisla.ca, extension 315

Marilyn Furlan
Elders Coordinator
elderscentre@haisla.ca, extension 309/409

Jennifer Lagace, M.A., MPCC, RPC
Community Social Worker
jlagace@haisla.ca, extension 350

Patient Travel fax: 250-632-3637
Patient Travel Emergency Cell Phone: 250-639-6695

c’imo’ca Head Start Program:
FAX: 250-639-2287

Angie Maitland
ECE Coordinator
ece.coordinator@haisla.ca, extension 351

Tawnia Carrier
Childhood Educator
ece.assist@haisla.ca, extension 355

Hansen Jaime
Early Childhood Educator
ece.assist@haisla.ca, extension 355

Stefanie Walker
Family Involvement Worker
swalker@haisla.ca, extension 355

Haisla Youth Program

Ehryn Bolton
Youth Coach
youthprogram@haisla.ca, extension 361

Cassidi Bolton
Youth Coach
youth@haisla.ca, extension 360


1534 Jesse Street

Haisla PO Box 1120
Kitamaat Village BC CAN
V0T 2B0

TEL. 250.632.5011
FAX. 250. 632.3773


Phone: 250-632-3301

Adrian Mercer
Fitness and Recreation Centre Coordinator
amercer@haisla.ca, extension 365

Ray Green Jr.
Recreation Centre Attendant
250-639-9361, extension 365

Patricia Bolton
250-639-9361, extension 301


Phone: 250-632-3966