Haisla Community School is an elementary school in Kitamaat Village that merges traditional lessons with modern education plans.

All our students, from Kindergarten to Grade 7, benefit from an enriching learning environment, and Haisla language and cultural classes.

The school offers:

  • Small class sizes.
  • Daily breakfast and hot lunch programs.
  • School-wide reading and math programs.
  • State of the art technology for learning and student support – iPads, laptops, and smart boards
  • Haisla language and cultural program.
  • Kindergarten to Grade 3 Music program.
  • Grade 4 to Grade 7 Band program.
  • Bus transportation from Kitimat.

Dedicated staff committed to student learning and creating a caring and respectful learning environment.

All interested students welcome to apply. Students do not have to be Haisla or Indigenous.

Connect with the school to learn more about opportunities you and your children can have in the upcoming school year.

Contact Information
Call Haisa Community School at: 250-632-5011
Or e-mail: hcs@haisla.ca.

The Haisla Community School in partnership with parents and the community, and with the belief that all children are capable of success, commit to fostering each child’s full academic potential, as life long learners that are responsible, respectful, and contributing citizens in an inclusive, nurturing and supportive environment.