Kitamaat Village, home to about half of the 1500 Haisla people, sits at the head of the Douglas Channel. Living and working on the water has always been important to the Haisla–and it still is.  Protecting our marine resources is a priority while we explore economic development opportunities to benefit our people. We have traditionally used and occupied about 5000 square miles (or 4 million square acres) of land and waterways.


Land Code


As you are aware the Haisla Nation is taking steps to participate in the First Nations Agreement for Land Management. In the past year,  the Lands and Resources Department has been working with the Haisla Land Code Committee and our legal counsel to prepare Land Code as required by the Agreement. We have completed that process and will soon be presenting it to the community for input. A companion document called an Individual Agreement is being reviewed by our legal counsel. You will find all these documents and summaries here. You may find some repetition of information as presented in various documents or power points. Please contact: Whitney Lukuku Lands and Resources Manager (205 639 9361 x203  or Tracey Ross Community Liaison and Treaty Coordinator (250 639 9361 x362 for more information or clarifications.


Bill C-49

FN Framework Agreement on Land Management

FN Land Management Act

FNLM – draft 1A for distribution to First Nations – 8 Aug 12


Framework Powerpoint presentation

Haisla Nation Land Code