We understand that Per Capita Distributions are an important program for Haisla members. It’s not just money in your pocket to support you with bills and all of life’s expenses, but it is a true, tangible sign of the work Haisla Nation has done in opening themselves up for responsible economic development.

The Gukalout Trust will provide Haisla members an annual PCD.

There is a minimum amount which the Trust will always pay, but there is the potential for it to grow.

When there are further major economic development decisions made – namely, a positive Final Investment Decision from an LNG proponent in Haisla territory – further benefit agreements with Haisla Nation will be triggered, which means more resources to add to the Trust, and larger distributions.

The precise amount of any distribution through the Trust will mostly depend on economic activity so it is hard to say exactly how much they will be. Attend a future membership meeting for further information on distributions.

But the bottom line is even if it takes a long road to an FID, the distributions will still happen for our members, to provide that extra financial boost.