A Trust isn’t just a bank account.

A Trust protects money in ways standard accounts cannot.

That’s why Haisla Nation Council believes so strongly in the idea of the Gukalout Trust. We want to build this so that our present prosperity has a future.

Haisla Nation Council currently spends the money we have earned through benefit agreements with industrial projects on a number of services to support Haisla members.

And that’s good.

We want Haisla members decades from now to have that same access to programs.

That is even better.

We will achieve that by using the interest earned on the Trust fund to provide Haisla programming, not the money itself. Building a trust is an option step Council has taken to benefit Haisla members.

The access to that money is specially controlled by appointed and elected trustees. The safeguards in place means the Trust will remain non-political.

A Trust will be transparent, secure, and accountable to the Haisla Nation.

Why are we doing a Trust?

  • Chief and Council want funds to be protected, so the money will last for future generations.
  • This Trust has been thought of for the benefit of Haisla members.
  • Spending and investment of these funds is meant to be transparent to members.
  • A trust is non-political. Funds entering the Trust have come from agreements negotiated to benefit Haisla members.