As we look ahead to the ‘new normal’, have you seen the province’s current restart plans? Here’s what they’ve posted about keeping safe even as things begin re-opening around B.C.:

B.C.’s progress in the fight against COVID-19 is a direct result of the sacrifices and decisions that we have all made. To continue to protect seniors and at risk people and ensure that our health care system can respond to this dangerous virus, means that we all have to keep doing our part – at home, in the community and at work.

  • Stay at home and keep a safe distance from family when you have cold or flu symptoms, including:Coughing
    Runny nose
    Sore throat
  • No handshaking or hugs outside of your family
  • Practice good hygiene, including:Regular hand washing
    Avoiding touching your face
    Covering coughs and sneezes
    Disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Keep physical distancing, as much as possible when in the community and where not possible, consider using a non-medical mask or face covering
And in personal settings when you’re seeing friends and family who don’t live with you:
  • Only get together in small groups of around 2 to 6 people and keep a physical distance
  • Stay home and away from others if you have cold or flu symptoms
If you are at greater risk (over the age of 60 or with underlying medical conditions), be informed of your risk, think through your risk tolerance and take extra precautions.