Haisla Nation Council’s counselling team want to express their deep sadness over the recent losses experienced by the Haisla Nation. They are here to offer their support and encourages anyone to seek them out.

HNC’s Community Social Worker is Jennifer Lagace and can be reached at 250-639-9361 extension 350, or e-mail jlagace@haisla.ca.

You can also reach Miriam Windsor at 250-639-7163, or e-mail at mirlwindsor17@gmail.com.

You can reach Northwest Counselling at 250-638-8311.

See below for a list of local-area First Nations Health Authority Approved counsellors:


Ted Altar, 250-635-3888

Deborah McCooey 250-615-6548

Joelle McKiernan 250-635-6707

Devin Thomas Pollitt 250-635-0980

Katharine Smith 250-631-6194

Susan Viveiros 250-615-7532

“Regarding the FNHA Approved Counsellors, you call one of the counsellors to make an appointment directly. Please inform them that you would like to make an appointment through the Indian Residential School program from the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), they will fill out a form. If you are using a relative as an intergenerational link to IRS, you will need the relative’s full name, birthdate and name of the residential school.   You can call and ask questions until you find the one that sounds like someone you would be comfortable with. If after seeing a counsellor you decide that you would like to try someone else you can change and there is no problem.”

24 Hour Crisis Line for Adults/Elders & Youth

The KUU-US Crisis Line Society operates a 24 hour provincial aboriginal crisis line for Adults/Elders (250-723-4050), Child/Youth (250-723-2040), and Toll Free Line (1-800-588-8717).