We have learned of the decision of Pacific NorthWest LNG (PNW LNG) to not proceed with their proposed liquefied natural gas project in Port Edward at Lelu Island.

As long time supporters of an LNG industry in British Columbia, Haisla Nation Council is disappointed to hear the news for those who are economically impacted by this decision.

Haisla Nation Council continues to support and believe in the feasibility of LNG projects within our own territory. As much as the decision by PNW LNG can feel like a setback for the industry, Haisla Nation Council continues to have strong and productive relationships with proponents in Haisla Territory.

As you may have recently seen in the news, work continues on the LNG Canada site, with Haisla members included, to have the land prepared for an eventual Final Investment Decision.

That is just an example of the kind of ongoing work which will make a strong case for LNG in Haisla Territory.

We encourage the federal and provincial governments to work with LNG proponents for a positive FID in Kitimat. We also offer an invitation to the new provincial government to meet with the Haisla Nation Chief and Council to discuss our vision and goals for an LNG industry.

The push for LNG is as strong as ever for Haisla Nation Council and we will continue to work hard to see projects become a reality.

Crystal Smith
Chief Councillor