Good news for all you hockey fans and players:

  1. NEW deadline to sign up is Monday, August 12 at 12noon (instead of August 5)
  2. The first 10 teams to sign up will receive a $100 Mr. Mikes Gift Card.
  3. We’ve changed the minimum per team to 6, instead of 8 player.
  4. And finally….if you want to sign up, but can’t find a team, contact Adrian and he can put you on one.

All the info you need to sign up is below!

August Street Hockey Tournament

Wednesday & Thursday, August 14 & 15
At Haisla Recreation Centre, Kitamaat Village

Sign-Up Deadline = Monday, August 11 2019 at 12noon  (UPDATED!)

Download sign up sheet here.

A fun event for youth and adults. Everyone is welcome!

Tournament format will be round robin, 8 teams per division. Divisions based on age group. 6-8 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years, 16+

Games will be 4-on-4 plus 1 goalie per team for a maximum of 5 team members playing at one time. Teams should have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12, not including the goalie. Games will have 3 to 7 minute periods with 3-minute breaks in between periods. No experience necessary to participate.

Download sign up sheet here.

Hand in sign-up sheets at the Haisla Recreation Centre or email them to:

Contact Recreation Coordinator Adrian Mercer
Email or call 250.639.9361 Ext 365

Volunteers Needed
If you would like to volunteer, or know parents or community member who may want to, contact Carolyn Ringham at or call 250 639-9361 ext 110

The Haisla Junior boys will be running the canteen both days and Posh Easters will be on site both days as well, in the afternoon.

Play Areas & Parking
The Rec Centre/Community School parking lot will be used as the play area. So during these two days from 8am to 4:30pm, the Haisla Recreation Centre parking lot will not be available and people need to park along the side streets, across the street in the gravel area or at the Administration Building.

Tournament is scheduled for 8am to 4pm both days at this point, but final times will depend on the number of teams who sign up. More detailed schedule will be available on the morning of Tuesday, August 13. .