Kitamaat Village Road is now open again.

UPDATE: 10:55 pm

Members who still require a place to stay tonight can head to the M Star Hotel at the Upper City Centre Mall, next to Tim Hortons. Kitimat Valley Institute will close for the evening but members can head to the hotel directly to get a place to stay.

UPDATE: 8:55 pm

Kitamaat Village Road remains closed.

Haisla Nation Council staff remain at Kitimat Valley Institute for any members who need shelter and food tonight.


Kitamaat Village Road has been closed this evening, October 23, due to flooding in multiple spots along the road.

Haisla members who require a place to go in Kitimat are welcome to go to Kitimat Valley Institute which is open this evening.

Updates on the condition of the road will be posted as they are made available.