Indian Day School Settlement

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Download the registration form – with instructions & FAQS

McLean v Canada is a Class Action lawsuit against the Canadian government for the abuses suffered by students who were forced to attend ‘Indian Day Schools’ across Canada after 1920. This is the national Class Action seeking compensation for Indian Day School students and their families.

If you attended an Indian Day school and would like to be compensated as part of this class action, you must fill out a registration form.

The final court (if no other court is needed) will be at the end of May 2019. There is no cut-off date for application but the Indian Residential School Survivor’s Society (IRSSS) is encouraging people to send their application in as soon as possible.

Download the registration form – with instructions & FAQS


Contact Haisla Social Development Coordinator Rhonda Schulmeister with any questions.   1-888-842-4752 Ext. 102

More information about the Indian Day School Class Action and Compensation: