A few question and answers about the Gukalout Trust

When Haisla Nation Council presented the idea of the Gukalout Trust in April, there were understandably questions about how it works and who would manage it.

Here are some of the answers to those questions:

Q: How are Trustees selected?
A: Trustee selection process will be by application, where HNC administration will determine a candidate’s eligibility. (criminal records check, etc.) Following that will be an election by Haisla members.

Q: Will there be elder and youth representatives?
A: Yes. Following feedback from Haisla members, there will be an elder and a youth representative appointed by Trustees.  These positions will serve in an advisory, and non-voting, capacity.

Q: What training with Trustees be provided?
A: National Aboriginal Trust Officer’s Association Trustee online training will be required to be completed within the first nine months of a Trustee being elected to serve on the Trust. Once enrolled the Trustees have 4 months to complete the training which requires a commitment of approximately 60 hours in total. The Administrative Trustee will also provide training to the Trustees as will the other service providers as needed.

We hope you are continuing to keep updated on this Trust. Once scheduled, we will be excited to tell you when the membership meetings will be held so you can ask more questions in person, and when you’ll have your chance to vote for the Trust.

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