Congratulations to two more Haisla artists for their designs being chosen to represent HNC!

HNC’s Education & Employment department recently held a contest for Haisla artists to submit designs for a new logo for the HNC Language & Culture Team.

Haisla/Heiltsuk artist Paul Windsor’s won the contest and his submission is the new logo for the HNC Language & Culture team.

But the other designs submitted were also excellent, so the Education & Employment Department chose two more to be logos for activities in the department.

Crystal Ross’ submission (see hand design below) is now the new logo for HNC Culture Camps.

And John P Wilson’s submission (see the circle of hands below) is now the new logo for the HNC Education & Employment department.

An artist agreement is now in place with all of these Haisla artists, and each will receive an honorarium of $2,500. This is in exchange for the Haisla Nation Education & Employment Department to retain ownership of the exclusive rights to the artwork for reproduction.

Haisla CultureCampLogo

New Haisla Education And Employment Logo