– Miriam Windsor

Creating a foundation and enhancement for community health and wellness is of great importance to me as a Haisla member.

I have been educated in Residential school and the effects, also how it has a negative impact to aboriginal communities. The importance for healing and revitalization in the Haisla community and the need for continuity has my creativity piqued to building a healthy community.

I see that there is a current need in Aboriginal communities with a high rate of cancer, suicide, and addictions. I have recently graduated from the Vancouver School of Expressive Arts Therapy and find that a good approach will be to offer healing through the arts, for individuals to improve and create a balance of wellness in physical, mental, spiritual, and emotion. I am here in gratitude, to give back to the Haisla Nation.

When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for life to unravel and unconsciously eliminate the feeling of wholeness. My passion is to bring healing and wholeness to the community, which will include Elders, Adults, Youth and children, to help them find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen relationships through culture and community connection. No one single approach is the right one as each individual is unique.

I am in various modalities to fit the needs for each individual or group. My training consists of Life Skills coaching, Wellness/Addictions counselling, Intense Trauma training, and Expressive Arts therapy.

You can reach Miriam by calling the Haisla Health Centre at 250-632-3600, or through HNC social worker Jennifer Lagace at 250-639-9361 ext. 350.