Entries now accepted up to May 29 at 4pm.

Social Distance Challenge #2

Join the #haislaprotectthesacred Social Distancing Challenge, by participating in one of the activity examples listed below.

  • Gather medicines, prepare medicines, if you can share with an elder. Go for a nature walk, can you identify certain trees, plants, birds, animals?
  • Practice your native art skills, or share a picture with an elder.
  • Learn our language via. Online lessons, or with an elder (in the same household).
  • Participate in haislakala weekly homework (shared by Ab Morrison-Hayward on
  • “Haislakala Learners Group Culture & Language Facebook page) Cook a traditional meal, & share a “how-to,” video & or share the recipe.
  • Read our Haisla stories as a family, or individual Bead, make regalia, weave cedar or other traditional crafts.
  • Share a photo of yourself or family member(s) explaining why you are practicing & encouraging social distancing & why it’s important to you.

Share your photos or videos on social media, of you doing these activities at a safe social distancing range & use the hashtag #whyimsocialdistancing #haislaprotectthesacred

  • 1 Haisla person must be in the same household to qualify DEADLINE: May 15th, 2020, 4pm May 29, 4pm.

1st Prize $200 Gift Card

2nd Prize $100 Gift Card

3rd Prize $50 Gift Card