The Education & Employment Department has many services and staff available to help Haisla members of all ages.

Job Coaches
Help members with funding for short-term, trades, and certificate training.

Post-Secondary Coordinator
Helps members with funding for diploma and degree programs.

Work Placement Coordinator
Helps members with employment referrals (job search) and employment supports upon hire.

Administrative Liaison
Helps members with the onboarding process and paperwork upon hire. Also available to assist members who are having problems with their employer.

Academic Advisor
Helps members develop an education plan, assist in program planning, and advocate for students when requested.

For more information about the Education & Employment Department, please see our policy handbook, effective as of July 17, 2019 or contact us with the information below.

Contact Information
Toll Free Number: 1-833-882-6151
Office number: 250-632-6151, Fax: 250-632-6973
606 Mountainview Square, Kitimat, BC

Ongoing Education & Employment Opportunities


Education & Employment Forms