Haisla Minors LNG Trust

For information about the Haisla Minors LNG Trust, please click here.

Haisla Health Resources

Haisla members seeking Health related information, including counselling service help lines and services available through HNC, please visit our Haisla Health Resources page.

Indian Status

For information about Indian Status, please refer to this guide from our Indian Registry Administrator.

Haisla Job Seekers

Haisla Nation Council Job Opportunities

Haisla Job Bank

Capacity Development

Youth and Sports

Haisla Amateur Youth Fund and charity golf tournament

Social Media for Haisla

Haisla Nation Council operates a Facebook group for Haisla members access only. The link to the page is here, but you can only view the content once you are confirmed by the group’s administrator as a Haisla member.

Due to the nature of Facebook groups with these privacy setting, you may have to have a member already in the group invite you to join. Also please note members are confirmed by comparing their names to the Haisla registry. If you are registered under a name different than your Facebook profile, you may risk not having the invitation approved.

For more information or if you have questions about joining, please contact Haisla Nation Council’s Communications Coordinator.