Pulxaneeks is working to build the Haisla spirit for members in the Vancouver region.

She is hosting a Haisla singing and drumming group, from 4 to 7 pm at the community centre at 718 East 20th Avenue, Vancouver.

This free event will take place on the first Sunday of each month, with refreshments available.

The next event will be on Sunday, December 3.

Pulxaneeks shares more about the roots of inspiration for this initiative.

“When I was 11 I went to the Rediscovery Camp and truly learned what it meant to belong to a nation and be Haisla,” she said. “It was then that I realized how much had been taken from us as Haisla people. I saw for the first time the long term impact of having been colonized. Having realizing this my reflexive inner response was to help, somehow help knowing that we had lost so much, so much had been taken, buried in time or forgotten, I wanted more than anything to help. When I was 12 I was put on a Vision Quest and I didn’t realize this then, but this was my way of stating my intention to the Ancestors that I wish there to be a way that things return. Since then my life has shaped in such a way to support this intention.”

When her Aunty Cindy passed away, she received one of her five drums.

“It was at this time that songs started to come through me. I go to the same place within myself that our Ancestors live and start to humm, that humm turns into a melody and that melody turns into a song. I then journey into that song, I’ll sit and burn some smudge and sing and sing, and feel into my inner vision what the purpose of that song is, what it honors, what it’s reason is for coming through. Over the last 7 years I’ve been getting to know the 12 songs that have come through to me, building a relationship, deepening into connection. It has always been my intention to share this with the people of the Haisla Nation.”

She says the song range from chanting to others which include Haisla, taught to her by her late Baba Crosby. Others include chanting and English lyrics.

“When I was home this last summer, I visited with so many Grans and shared my songs with them. I asked what they thought about me forming a group and sharing them with all the city Haislas. Granny Kay said, “They’re your songs, do what you want with them.”

The names of her songs so far are:

– Honouring of Ancestors
– Our AWakening
– We Shall Thrive
– Coming of Big Change
– Reclamation
– Boundless
– All our Relations
– River Warrior
– Giving of Gifts
– Mother Earth
– New Life Song
– Beautiful Spirit

All Haislas are welcome by her to join in the singing and drumming, or simply come and listen and enjoy being together.