The Haisla enjoy a rich language which reflects tradition and family.

The family

With family being such a core component of Haisla life, words for family members are a critical part of knowing the language.

For the immediate family, there is the word father (Oh’p), and mother (ah-book-kw).

To say grandfather you say bah-buh-o..

For other family members, we have the word for aunt, ah-niece, and for uncle, Hwuh-LTHAHB,.


The Haisla have a deep respect for nature and animals. Hunting and fishing were and still are important aspects for the Haisla people.

Animals are the symbols for many First Nations clans, and the Haisla are no exception to this. The clans of the Haisla Nation are the Eagle, Raven, the Crow, the Killer Whale, the Beaver, the Salmon, the Frog, and the Wolf.