The Haisla Health Centre can be reached by phone at 250-632-3600.

Health Centre contacts can be viewed on the Contact page.

James Harry Sr. offers outreach and peer support services for Haisla members in Vancouver, particularly in the Downtown East Side.

James Harry Sr., Outreach/Peer Support Worker
Main Ph.: 604-251-4844
Cell: 604-833-2939

The Haisla Health Centre has compiled these help-lines and counselling contacts which are available for anyone to access:

The provincially and federally funded 24/7 First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) sponsored KUU-US Crisis line at 1-800-588-8717 or 1-800-KUU-US17, that provides mental health counselling across the province.

FNHA accredited mental health counsellors:


Kirsten Morgan (Jukes-Huges), 250-877-0794

Ruth Murdoch, 250-847-4989

Jessican Williams, 250-643-0096


Elizabeth Larson, 778-202-1670


Dr. Ted Altar, 250-635-3888

Deborah McCooey, 250-615-6548

Joelle McKiernan, 250-635-6707

Devin Thomas Pollitt, 250-635-0980

Katharine Smith, 250-631-6194

Susan Viveiros, 250-615-7532

In order to get fully funded by FNHA to go the above counsellors is to cite a relative who went to Residential school. They would need the relative’s legal name, birthdate and the name of the residential school he or she attended.

For members who want to attend drug and addictions treatment and healing centres the list is: Note: FNHA will only fund treatments received at accredited centres.

KITIMAT – Gya Wa’Tlaab Healing Centre, 250-639-9817

VANDERHOOF – Carrier Sekani Family services, 250-567-2900

VANCOUVER– Hey-Way-Nogu Healing Circle For Addictions Society, 604-874-1831

ROUND LAKE – Interior Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Society, 250-546-3077

PORT ALBERNI – Kackaamin Family Development Centre, 250-723-7789

ALERT BAY – Namgis Treatment Centre, 250-974-5522

WILLIAMS LAKE – Nengayni Wellness Centre, 250-989-0301

DAWSON CREEK – North Wind Healing Centre Society, 250-843-6977

CRESTON – Three Voices of Healing Society, 778-526-2501

VICTORIA – Tsow – Tun Le Lum, 250-390-3123

KITWANGA – Wilp Si Satwx ( House of Purification), 250-849-5211

Download a PDF of the Crisis Resources below.

Download a PDF with the information below.

The Community Support Worker transports clients on our care list to medical appointments in Kitimat and Terrace. There are always competing demands and we often have to prioritize those pressing demands.

To receive this service, Clients must be:

  1. Receiving services under the Haisla Home and Community Care Program
  2. Have been assessed as elderly frail.
  3. Provide no less than 1-2 weeks notice to register —- Acceptance will be based on first come first served.
  4. Medical Appointments to be booked between 9:00AM -12:00PM and 1:00PM -2:00PM. Any appointments completed later than 2:30PM will require that clients arrange their own travel home.
  5. Have no family or other supports to help with travel to and from medical appointments.

Please Contact the Health Centre and arrange for assistance by calling 250-632-3600.

The Patient Travel Clerks need at least 10 business days prior to your appointment to process your travel arrangements.

The FNHA requires the following documentation to be submitted along with the Medical Transportation request form:

  1. Documentation from a doctor’s office confirming your upcoming appointment, complete with the date and time.
  2. Copy of the physician’s referral including the office address, date, time, and reason for the appointment (if applicable) – FNHA, Health Benefits funds travel to the nearest appropriate health professional and/or health facility. Depending on the nature of your appointment, medical justification may need to be provided to support your travel request. 

Physician Escort Request Form:
If you require an escort, the FNHA requires this form to be completed by the physician indicating the medical/legal reason for an escort. The physician should also include a brief description of why and/or how an escort would be assisting you.

Confirmation of Attendance Form:
After your appointment is completed, this form must be stamped by the physician and/or signed by the physician where you attended your appointment confirming your attendance. Please ensure that the date and time of your appointment have also been included on the form. If the section regarding pending appointments is completed by the same doctor, this will eliminate the need to obtain another confirmation of appointment.

In order to process your reimbursement, the following required documentation must be sent to our office:

  1. Request for Medical Transportation Form (please clearly indicate what you are requesting for reimbursement)
  2. Confirmation of Attendance including date and time (signed/stamped by medical professional)
  3. Copy of Physician’s Referral (if applicable)
  4. Physician Escort Request Form (if applicable)
  5. Original receipts complete with all travel information (if applicable)

Notes about receipts:
We do not accept faxed copies or photocopies of receipts.
We do not accept receipts that have been altered without confirmation from the provider.
We do not require gas and/or meal receipts as those totals are calculated in office based on regional mileage and meal allowance rates.

FNHA policy states that all invoices submitted for payment for the reimbursement of expenses for medical transportation benefits must be submitted within one (1) year of the service being provided. Requests for reimbursements submitted more than one (1) year after the service is rendered will be rejected. It is recommended that you make photocopies of all documentation submitted to our office for your reference.

If you have, any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 250-632-3600

The Supplemental Medical Assistance program helps cover the gap between your own health coverage and the costs of your medical services.

Once you have contacted and used your coverage through the First Nations Health Authority, and your own private insurance if any, you can apply for the Supplemental Medical Assistance program.


A Q&A on Supplemental Medical Assistance

Who handles my benefits?

When it comes to your health benefits, Haisla Nation Council and the Health Centre pays approximately nothing.

Wait, really?
Yes! Your health benefits are actually paid for by the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA).
They pay for your benefits to the Medical Services Plan (MSP) for the province, and handle your coverage eligibility.

So am I eligible for…

Let us stop you right there! If you want to know if you have medical coverage for something, your first stop is the FNHA toll-free phone number, 1-800-317-7878. They know your medical coverage. Employees at Haisla Health actually cannot access that information.

How does Haisla Health help?

Haisla Health offers the Supplemental Medical Assistance program! The program will fill the gap between what your health coverage, well, covers, and what you have to spend out of your own pocket. This also includes medicine and dental costs. This program makes sure there are no barriers between Haisla members and their medical services.

How do I access the Supplemental Medical Assistance program?

Contact the Haisla Health Centre to receive the application form. Call either 250-632-3600, or e-mail the Community Health Representative at Fill out the form, and make sure you have all of your documentation – receipts, letters, especially documentation that FNHA coverage has either denied you or only paid a portion of costs – and bring that all back to the Health office (you can even fax it to 250-632-3686!) for processing.

How long does it take?

Processing applications can take up to two weeks – the time may depend on if you remembered all your paperwork!

The First Nations Health Authority is making improvements to our Health Benefits throughout 2019 including:
  • Mental Health Counselling Benefit
  • Infant Eligibility
  • New Treatment Options for Diabetes
  • Shingles Vaccine Coverage
  • Dental, Vision and Medical Supplies and Equipment
If you have, any questions, please contact the Health Centre at 250-632-3600.

Download a full list of First Nations Health Benefits (Plan W) Over the Counter Drug Benefits as provided by Pharmacare and the Ministry of Health.

Contact the Haisla health department if you’d like a hard copy of the list.