We would like to hear from Haisla’s that have had babies from May 2019 to May 2020.
We will be sending out gift bags that we normally give out at “Welcoming Babies” during Haisla Days. We would like to know the baby’s name/birthdate/weight at birth/ parents/grandparents/siblings/your address/ & your phone number. We will be delivering to locals in Kitamaat & the town of Kitimat and mailing to those that live elsewhere.
If you would like your baby to be a part of “Welcoming Babies” powerpoint that will be posted on HNC & C’imo’ca facebook sites please send a maximum of 6 pictures and your baby’s info to Joyce Amos’ email at jamos@haisla.ca or send by inbox to our c’imo’ca Head Start page by 4pm May 26th.
We will post the PowerPoint and deliver gift bags on June 1.