Our territory’s resources have sustained us for generations, providing us with food, shelter, and livelihood. We have worked hard to harvest food, build our villages, and develop the resources we need to survive. The land is connected to our past, our culture, and now, our future.

For decades, industrial development in our territory provided few benefits to the Haisla while taking a heavy environmental toll, destroying salmon and oolichan streams, creating air pollution, and otherwise negatively affecting our environment.

Today, we seek economic opportunities that respect the waters and wildlife that make our home a community. We are realizing strong economic benefits while simultaneously cleaning up the streams and managing the reduction of air emissions. We will not support any use which endangers the integrity and sustainability of our territory.

It is only through smart, sustainable economic development that we can bring about the positive change we want to see happen, and in a timeframe that benefits our people in the near future. We know that to become a strong, independent Nation we require strong, independent members who are part of the economic fabric of Canada.

We strongly believe, and have seen proven, that our success will also benefit our neighbours, be they other area First Nations, the surrounding communities in Kitimat and Terrace, or in greater BC and Canada.

Those with viable projects interested in working with the Haisla should contact us with enquiries.


We are proud of the partnerships we have already made to date, including:

ATCO  |  Bridgeman Services Group  |  Brock Canada  |  Civeo   |  ESS Support Services  |  First Canada  |  Kuehne & Nagel  |  Ledcor  |  Mammoet Canada Western  | NationFUEL/Iron Clad  | North PacONEC Logistics  |  Progressive Ventures Construction  |  Ruskin Construction  |  Seaspan UCL  |  Securiguard  |  Servco Canada   |  Summit Air Helicopters  |  Triton Environmental Services | Tyco/Simplex Grinnel/ Johnson Controls | Vertex/Medcor |  Waste Management