Yauc Haisla

It’s that time of year again! Plans are underway for the 2020 Haisla Culture Camp!

First Camp- July 15th– July 21st, second camp (tentative, depending on sign up #’s) July 24th– July 30th

Ages – 10-18

Forms are ready for pick up! Participants will be placed on a list for camp once the forms are returned and fully filled out.  Deadline for sign up- July 3rd, 4pm.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our camp is open for “Local Haisla Youth” only, for this year.  Guidelines have been implemented for all Participants and staff to follow while at camp.  As part of the decision making for camp, this will be a Closed Camp, so once the participants are at camp, no one outside will be able to visit.

Due to safety reasons (closer to hospital for emergencies) and for the plans that are underway to have the camp at Weewah fixed up for future use, so this year, the camp will be held locally at Hirsch Creek Campgrounds.  This will open up the camp up to more hiking trails and field trips, etc.

We will be doing language, drumming, singing, games, hikes, swimming, field trips, there will be 3 meals a day with endless snacks for our growing youth.

Contact: Shelley Bolton

Haisla Culture Camp Administrator


Tel: 250-632-6151 ext:219