Useful knowledge regarding Indian Status

Haisla Nation Council’s Indian Registry Administrator is Elaine Maitland. She can be reached by e-mail at or at our office number, 250-639-9361 extension 101.

She has provided these helpful tips for registration, transfers, and other scenarios affecting status:

STATUS CARDS:  I take appointments for Wednesdays to Fridays.  Please have two pieces of valid ID (one being a valid picture ID) before making appointments.  I cannot issue a status card without ID.  I can use your old or current status card as picture ID as long it has not been expired for more than six months.  For children 12 and under I need the child’s birth certificate as well as 2 valid pieces of ID for the parent.

For children 12 and over that are renewing their status card I do require 2 valid pieces of ID as they can now sign for themselves.

BABY REGISTRATIONS:  Registering your child is not mandatory, but is the sole responsibility of the parents to do so.

First you must apply for the long form birth certificate, the one that lists parents name on it. Then you can request registration papers from me.  If both parents are listed in the birth certificate then both parents need to sign the registration forms.  The original birth certificate does get sent away but will be sent back once Aboriginal Affairs makes their copy.  I can make a copy for you before I send it away.  The registrations do take a long time, usually six or more months, so it is up to you to have your child registered as soon as possible. Your child is only covered by your medical for up to one year.  I cannot send registration forms to INAC without a birth certificate.

TRANSFERS:  If you have married and your spouse wishes to transfer from their band to the Haisla Nation you will first need to report your marriage to Aboriginal Affairs.  You will need to bring in your marriage certificate to me to do the paperwork required. Once your marriage has been reported you can then request transfer papers from me.

For Births and Transfers: If you are not the parent for any minor children you wish to register or transfer, you will need to submit legal documents stating that you are legally responsible or the child or children. Transfers do have to go through an Indian Registry Administrator, you cannot send directly to INAC as band councils have to accept the transfer. I also cannot transfer someone without signed transfer papers.

MARRIAGE/DIVORCE: If you wish to report your marriage and/or change your family name you must bring in your marriage certificate. Aboriginal Affairs cannot change anything on the registry list without proper documents.  If your marriage has ended and you wish to revert back to your maiden name, your Certificate of Divorce will need to be submitted along with a form stating that you wish to revert back to your maiden name.

DEATH:  If a Haisla band member passes on, a family member can contact me to request a Bereavement Assistance Cheque. Once again, Aboriginal Affairs cannot make changes to the registry list without proper documents, so please hand in a copy of the Death Certificate to me for submitting.

If you are calling for your status number (for example) I can only give this information to you as you will need to verify your identity with some questions. I can only give status information to parents if the child is under 18 years of age.