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Comprehensive Community Plan

We’re updating our 2009 Community Plan! The new plan will create a vision for where our community wants to go and identify the steps to get there.

Over the coming seven months members will be provided the opportunity to give their input and help shape the plan.

The plan will address the issues we’ve heard are important to members, including health and wellbeing, education, economic development, and cultural issues.

When completed in January 2019, it will provide current and future leadership, administration and members with a roadmap to the future, both in Kitamaat Village and Haisla Nation lands and for the large number of members living in Vancouver, Terrace, Prince Rupert and other places.

*NEW* Round 2 Engagement Report

Round 1 Engagement Report

Information materials

The posters available at the information sessions are now available on our website. Flip through them in the reader below.

Meanwhile, click here if you want to view the slides from the presentations.