Comprehensive Community Plan

We’re updating our 2009 Community Plan! The new plan will create a vision for where our community wants to go and identify the steps to get there.

What’s happening?
We’ve completed our draft Comprehensive Community Plan! Our Elders have named it ‘duu’duks’wa ci’mo’ca’ which means “our vision” in our language. The plan is a roadmap to help guide community development in both Kitamaat Village and for members living outside our traditional territory. Council will be reviewing the final draft plan this summer to start putting it into action this fall!

Download the CCP Overview – updated as of the end of June 2019 

Download the Presentation – from the June 2019 CCP Meetings

What’s the plan?
The Haisla Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) builds on and replaces our 2009 Community Development Plan. As illustrated, our CCP is organized around and guided by our vision. Our vision is like the canoe that will carry us forward in our journey. Supporting the vision are a strong group of paddlers. The paddlers represent our Community Goals, which are the areas we need to work on as we move towards our vision. The paddles represent the CCP Strategies, which are program and project ideas that will help us achieve our Community Goals.

A plan for all Haisla members
Our CCP is for all Haisla members, no matter where they live. This commitment is reflected in our Community Vision and supporting Community Goals. It is also reflected in this CCP’s Strategies, some of which are focused on members living in communities outside our traditional territory, like Vancouver and Terrace.

Making this CCP about all members sets it apart from our 2009 Community Development Plan which focused primarily on Kitamaat Village and our traditional territory. To the best of our knowledge, it also makes our CCP unique in BC and Canada! Something else we should be proud of with this plan!


For a copy of the Haisla Comprehensive Community Plan, please contact:

Trish Grant
Executive Assistant – Chief Executive Officer
T: 250. 639.9361 ext. 104



Round 2 Engagement Report


Round 1 Engagement Report


Information materials
Posters available at information sessions are available on our website. Flip through them in the reader below. Meanwhile, click here if you want to view the slides from the presentations.