Haisla Nation Council is now offering Cultural Awareness Training to organizations and workers in the Kitimat region.

The following dates and times are available for organizations to book:

  • Tuesday, September 3, 1-4pm
  • Friday,  September 6, 1-4pm
  • Friday, September 27, 12-4pm* (Open House Session)
  • Tuesday, October 1, 1-4pm
  • Friday, October 4, 12-4pm

Please note, training does not include a facilitation space, food or refreshments. It’s up to your organization to provide a space, and if you wish, food and refreshments.

To book a session
Download the Cultural Awareness Training booking form and email it to DGaucher@haisla.ca

*Open House Session
We are offering one ‘Open House session’ Friday, September 27, 12-4pm at the Haisla Recreation Centre. Individual(s) from various companies can attend and decide whether their company would like to book a complete session for other staff. to register contact Dustin Gaucher, HNC Culture and Language Program Assistant at DGaucher@haisla.ca or 250.639.5270

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is the facilitation? What does it include?
    The training takes approximately 3-4 hours and includes the Kairos Blanket exercise* (45 minutes), an interactive educational experience. This requires participants to bring a throw blanket, one that will be walked on. There will be a participant debrief after the exercise (1 hour) followed by a ‘Who are the Xa’is’la?’ PowerPoint Presentation (45 minutes)
    *The content of this exercise can be emotionally triggering, so we bring a wellness counselor to be available to individuals, as required. We strongly encourage you provide similar resources to your employees. If someone is not available for the day of training, we suggest providing business cards or contact information for your company’s counselor (if available).
  2. What is the cost?
    Cost per participant is $75.
  3. What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?
    The minimum for the blanket exercise is 20 and the maximum is 40.

For more information:

Download the Cultural Awareness Training poster

Download the Cultural Awareness Training booking form

Contact Dustin Gaucher, HNC Culture and Language Program Assistant
DGaucher@haisla.ca, Tel: 250.639.5270