Due to observations of campfires being left unattended in some back areas, the Haisla Nation Volunteer Fire Department has written the following message:

To Haisla Community

It has come to our attention from those who have been using the back roads up along the power lines that a fire was left to burn out.

I hope this does not happen again, so members can enjoy the drives back there.

With the weather starting to get warmer, a fire left unattended could spread very quickly. If you have a fire while using this road, please do the following:

– Make sure the fire is always attended

– If you can, build the fire near a water source; if not take some water with you.

– Try to start extinguishing the fire 10 – 15 minutes before you leave the area.

– When fire is completely extinguished separate the burnt debris to help it from reigniting.

– Take a shovel to put some sand over the burnt debris.

– Before leaving check if the fire is completely out

Please be fire safe and smart, and follow these guidelines.

Don’t let a simple mistake ruin it for all. Thank you. Wa