Kitamaat Village residents are encouraged to be cautious and alert as Haisla Nation Council staff is aware of a number of wolf sightings within the community.

See the below attached flyer for information about how to avoid conflict with wolves and wildife.

Also, please see this message that we are sharing from the Conservation Officer Service which was directed to HNC staff following a visit to the community on Friday, June 26:

First off, I would like to thank you all for showing up at yesterdays call regarding wildlife within the Village.

By showing up and being part of the solution, your community members can be assured that you are definitely looking out for their well-being and safety at all times.

The Conservation Officer Service (COS) has responded to a variety of calls over the past 72 hours within the Village.

I have attached a couple of links to this email for distribution to your community.

These brochures and website are directly linked to WILDSAFE BC. There are many good resources available that all depict the same message in the way of attractant management including garbage/recycling/fruit trees etc.

Let’s keep in touch and work together.

– Zane Testawich