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About Cameron

I am the Communications Coordinator for Haisla Nation Council.

28 08, 2017

What is a Trust?

Gukalout Trust|Comments Off on What is a Trust?

When you want an apple, you don’t cut down the whole apple tree to get it. It’s like that with the Haisla Nation’s money. We are in a fortunate situation to be able to provide [...]

21 08, 2017

Why do we want a Gukalout Trust?

Gukalout Trust|Comments Off on Why do we want a Gukalout Trust?

A Trust isn’t just a bank account. A Trust protects money in ways standard accounts cannot. That’s why Haisla Nation Council believes so strongly in the idea of the Gukalout Trust. We want to build [...]

14 08, 2017

Duplex Availability

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A 3 bedroom Rental Unit available for rent, September 1, 2017.   Duplex is situated on 729 Wathl Creek Road it is a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom unit.   Rent is $550.00 / month. [...]