We fully understand our restricted access checkpoint has been challenging for the community but we are very appreciative that most understand its purpose to limit potential spread of COVID-19.

The province, while still under a state of emergency, has begun their process for slowly re-opening services and businesses, and we want to be reflective of that change in our own community.

Our guidelines for non-resident Haisla coming through our restricted access point to date has been for only specifically defined purposes, such as using the Gas Bar or making drop-offs to residents of the Village.

The Pandemic Planning Team at HNC has now decided that non-resident Haisla members and their immediate family, and HNC staff and their immediate families, are welcome to the Village for recreation as long as they still allow for safe physical distancing.

What this means is if you would like to come for a walk on a trail or by the waterfront in Kitamaat Village, you can.

What this doesn’t allow for still are large family gatherings, or activities that put you in close proximity to people who are not in your social bubble.

If you come to the Village to see a friend or relative, take a walk with a good two metre – or more – space between you, and resist the urge to hug them!

And if you are feeling unwell at all, please do not come, or even leave your home.

COVID-19 is not going away overnight, and we must continue to use caution to keep ourselves and our community safe.

Please be respectful of the community by doing everything in your power to make sure COVID-19 cannot find its way in.