Haisla members, looking for information and opportunities to build on your education and employment potential? See the Education & Employment contacts below for Haisla Nation Council!

To make appointments with anyone in the department, please begin with the Capacity Assistant.

Also don’t miss the Jobs Club.

Job Placement Coordinator Will Gye provides a Jobs Club for Haisla members on Wednesdays, to connect you to any available work. He holds these sessions in the HNC administration building (10:30 am to noon) and at the Education & Employment office. (1 to 3 pm.)

Your adventure begins with the Capacity Assistant.

From here, you can update your resume, book appointments with the Job Coaches or Work Placement Coordinator, and will assist with employment referrals.

Your Capacity Assistant is Crystal A. Smith
1-877-809-8098 Ext. 6002

The Work Placement Coordinator will arrange short term (1 to 2 days) training opportunities, handle wage subsidies, job referrals, employment supports, and serve as an advocate for you as an employee.

Your Work Placement Coordinator is Paula Smith,
1-877-809-8098 Ext. 6005
Drop-in availability is Wednesdays and Fridays, 1 to 4 pm

The Administrative Liaison will assist Haisla members with job on-boarding, advocate for employees and employers, and support the Work Placement Coordinator administratively.

Your Administrative Liaison is to be determined.

Job Coaches will connect you with certificate programs, long-term training opportunities, employment-related training, and access to driving lessons.

Your Job Coaches are:

Geri Budden
1-877-809-8098 Ext. 6006
Drop-in availability Wednesdays

Tara Paul
1-877-809-8098 Ext. 6004
Drop-in availability Fridays

Supports Haisla members in their academic programs, including certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Your Post Secondary Coordinator is Shannon Hall
1-877-809-8098 Ext. 6016
Drop-ins available