About the Council

Haisla Nation Council (HNC) is elected every two years and consists of ten Councilors and one Chief Councilor, elected on a separate ballot. Council is responsible for setting and managing the Nation’s budget and for representing the Haisla people in dealings with Canada.

Haisla people have given the elected Haisla Nation Council the authority to represent them and to act on their behalf in seeking funding support for Kitamaat Village. HNC administration currently provides municipal services and local delivery of social, educational and developmental programs.

The administration is recognized as a competent and progressive organization by all agencies with whom they do business. HNC devotes time to ensuring that all relevant government agencies and stakeholders understand and support their economic development plans.

Over the years, Haisla Nation Council has worked to secure many benefits for the Haisla Nation. One of the biggest was its work on saving the Kitlope Valley, the world’s largest intact old growth coastal temperate rain forest watershed, from further logging. For its work, Haisla Nation Council received a British Columbia Provincial Award from the Ministry of Environment in 1995.


Crystal Smith
Crystal SmithChief Councillor
Brenda Duncan
Brenda DuncanDeputy Chief Councillor, and Chair of Executive Committee
Taylor Cross
Taylor CrossCouncillor, and Stakeholder Relations committee member
Harvey Grant
Harvey GrantCouncillor, and Stakeholder Relations Committee member
Margaret Grant
Margaret GrantCouncillor, and Executive Committee member
Raymond 'Sonny' Green
Raymond 'Sonny' GreenCouncillor, and Executive Committee member
Willard Grant
Willard GrantCouncillor, and Stakeholder Relations Committee member
Lucille Harms
Lucille HarmsCouncillor, and Executive Committee member
Trevor Martin
Trevor MartinCouncillor, and Stakeholder Relations committee member
Fred Ringham
Fred RinghamCouncillor, and Executive Committee member
Kevin Stewart
Kevin StewartCouncillor, and Chair of Stakeholder Relations committee


Stakeholders Relation Committee’s role is to develop recommendations and action plans to put forward to Council for consideration. As the name suggests, they work with external groups and stakeholders with a mission to foster the creation of positive, sustainable economic opportunities to benefit Haisla members.


The Executive Committee acts as an intermediary body to ensure that the operational side of the organization is performing in a satisfactory way through monitoring. The role of the Executive Committee is to set the expectations and monitor the performance of the Administration. The Executive Committee is accountable to Chief and Council, and primary responsibilities includes developing and proposing recommendations to Council, and tracking the performance of the administration and ensure expectations are being met.