Fisheries and Oceans Canada is opening portions of Area 6 (to the east of Gribbell Island) for the food, social and ceremonial harvest of Cockles (Clinocardium nuttallii) and Butter Clams (Saxidomus gigantea) for the Haisla Nation.

A description of the open area will be posted at the Haisla Administration office, can be obtained from the Haisla Fisheries Program, and is listed in the 2018-19 Haisla Intertidal Bivalve Community Harvest Plan. The harvest sites are very specific and all harvesters must consult with Haisla Fisheries Program staff before harvesting.

Harvesters must be in possession of a valid food harvesting permit from Haisla Nation Council and are asked to report their harvest quantities to the Haisla Fisheries Program.

Fishers are advised that bivalve shellfish are susceptible to Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) and other forms of contamination and closures may occur. All bivalve shellfish harvesters must check before harvesting to ensure there aren’t any closures in the vicinity. For information on the location of current marine biotoxin and contamination closures:

-Call toll-free 1-866-431-3474
-Consult the Shellfish Contamination Closures page on the DFO website at:
-Check with your nearest DFO office.

For additional information fishers should contact the Haisla Fisheries Program at (250) 639-9361 or Coral Keehn at (250) 627-3021.